Taco: Hamster Hero
  • Engage in fierce battles against 100+ enemies simultaneously and conquer them with Taco's might and ingenuity!
  • Navigate the world with easy one-hand controls and guide Taco to glory!
  • Dive into the unique roguelike gameplay and explore endless skill combinations to tailor Taco's strengths!
  • Adorn Taco with various costumes, each offering unique abilities and styles, enhancing the gameplay experience!
  • Challenge yourself in intense stages each with its own flavor of danger and reward!
Taco the Hamster's once peaceful home is under attack! Creatures threaten every corner!Drawn by destiny and the whispers of the wind, Taco the Hamster rises as the beacon of hope!

As a brave warrior and survivor with immense courage, join Taco on an epic journey to defeat the menacing foes and restore peace!The adversaries are cunning and vast in number - one false move and it might be Taco's last stand!But, against all odds and with the will to survive, Taco's determination and your skills will pave the path to victory!